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Welcome to the Lexogram wiki

Lexogram is a free open source environment where you can immerse yourself in a foreign language and culture. Lexogram is a multi-lingual online community of learners just like you.

Lexogram's GlassHouse project is currently under active development. You can help. Your contribution to the community will help us all create the space where you can express yourself best in your new language.

  • Using this Wiki helps you discover how to use this wiki
  • Progress lets you see the ambition of the entire undertaking, so that you can see the current development activity in context
  • Discussions encourages you to give us your suggestions about on how to create the ideal online language-learning environment
  • [Project: Meet Me] outlines our project for a site where language learners can meet and find others with interesting profiles.
  • Project: GlassHouse focusses on our project for an audio-chat application designed for language learning.
  • Project: Kagi - 鍵 describes our typing activity which teaches you new words, expressions and stories as you learn to type in a foreign language.
  • Ways to participate lets you explore ways that you can help
  • If you want to help with creating new content, then Artists and Writers is a great place to start
  • Installing a Development Suite gives you step-by-step information on how to set up your computer to participate in the active development of the GlassHouse project itself.
  • If you want to share links to any interesting external resources, you can add them to the External Resources section.
  • You'll find the latest news in the [Blog]. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts.
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